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About Darryl Sangster - The Franchise Wolf

With over 20 years of franchise experience, I understand that success doesn’t come without some pain & failures, and it’s those painful failures that formed the foundation of my extensive franchise knowledge and understanding the critical link between franchise system efficiencies and profitability.

I built a franchise system that incorporated manufacturing, distribution, leasing and over 40 retail franchises under the brands Sangster’s Health Centres & Sangster's Organic Markets. Behind the scenes, each of my companies played a strategic role in the creation of a fully integrated Franchise Business Model, which was collectively a multitude of franchise systems working together. My Franchise System incorporated: 

✪ 42 Retail Franchises;  ✪ 1 Franchise Head Office business; 
✪ 8 Corporate Retail businesses;  ✪ 1 eCommerce business;
✪ 1 Supplement Manufacturing business;  ✪ 1 Distribution Warehouse business; 
✪ 1 Real Estate Leasing & Negotiation business;

🏆WON the Highest Franchise Award in Canada, the CFA Award of Excellence 💯

I Created the Sangster Franchise Group (SFG) specifically to support Entrepreneurs using a direct one-on-one approach with assistance and education on franchising and franchise system optimization to help strengthen and expand their franchise systems.

Other Professionals Past Experiences with Darryl

" Darryl is an excellent business person. He delivers products and services from his company with credibility and accountability. His value system is excellent and he helps make a difference in his community. "

Cliff Wiegers

" Darryl was a customer of mine. I owned Purity Life Health Products, Canada’s largest distributor of Natural Health Products. I watched Darryl grow Sangster's into a major chain of health food stores, and I know from talking to franchisees that they held him in high regard in supporting them in building their businesses. "

David Chapman

" Darryl has a superb style of positioning key messages with a healthy intent. I have always appreciated his attention to relationship detail such as his proactive out-of-office messages about replies to emails. I often use Darryl as an example to clients that I coach/teach on personal productivity, time management and work life balance. Thanks for the inspiration. "

David Smith

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